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Quality Water Cartage Tanks - Plastic
By Water Carts Direct
September 2, 2008
Polyethylene water cartage tanks Click on image to enlarge

Water cartage tanks made of plastic; polyethylene to be exact, are now being fitted on quality water trucks at Water Carts Direct...


In the past water cartage tanks were made from either metal or fibreglass. Today however technology has enabled us to come a long way with water cartage tanks and Water Carts Direct are now utilising this technology by fitting polyethylene tanks to their trucks. 

Polyethylene water cartage tanks are far more advantageous than the old .....tanks. The exclusive use of polyethylene eliminates rust problems and significantly reduces weight resulting in increase payload and durability. So at a quick glance polyethylene tanks offer; 

  • An expandable water tank capacity
  • Proven pin mount system
  • Large size range
  • Extra payload
  • Fully baffled water cartage tanks
  • No rust

And a tank design that allows movement between sections to eliminate stresses caused by chassis movement. 

Water Carts Direct are fixing 8,800 through to 14,400 litre water cartage tanks to their trucks made from durable, UV stabilised, food grade polyethylene because they are the best around. These water cartage tanks are durable and hardy with the ability to be repaired easily, quickly and economically. Water Carts Direct build the steel frames to specification to support these water tanks and can apply custom builds where necessary. 

So check out the polyethylene water cartage tanks that Water Carts Direct are using on their water trucks. Every water truck is available for hire, dry hire or sale. Contact us today to discuss your requirements for water cartage, water spraying, dust control or other water needs you may have.


Tanks Specifications:

Description                                             Dimensions LxWxH (mm)

8800 litres - fully baffled transport tank       3505 x 2160 x 1680      

10950 litres - fully baffled transport tank     4345 x 2160 x 1680

12200 litres - fully baffled transport tank     5185 x 2160 x 1680

14200 litres - fully baffled transport tank     6025 x 2160 x 1680




Water Carts Direct not only provide quality water trucks for hire but build robust, simply designed, lower priced water trucks for sale, compared to the competition. Hire a water truck with a qualified driver or dry hire a watertruck without a driver Australia wide. Water Carts Direct, the leader in water truck hire and sale.

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